Russia: Four members of notorious GTA gang get life in prison

SOT, reporter (Russian): “Did anyone force you to kill?” SOT, Anvar Ulugmuradov, murderer (Russian): “It is not that we were forced, we were tortured and not only. [I'm speaking now not just about not killing but also about the interrogation].” SOT, reporter (Russian): “If you did not kill so what did you do?” SOT, Umar Hasanov, murderer (Russian): “I was just in a car and he [apparently... Еще, the gang’s leader]...He set this whole thing up so that we were together in the car. I am just an eyewitness. I am shocked.” Four members of the infamous Russian criminal gang ‘GTA’ were sentenced to life in prison by the Moscow regional court on Thursday, with a fifth member receiving 20 years behind bars. All of the defendants, Sherjon Qodirov, Umar Hasanov, Anvar Ulugmuradov Hazrathon Dadahonov and Zafarjon Gulyamov, were found guilty of 17 murders, two attempted murders, robbery, banditry, the illegal manufacture and possession of weapons. While leaving a court hearing in Moscow in August 2017, the detained gang members assaulted guards escorting them. During the ensuing gun fight with the police, four of the criminals were killed. The gang was labelled ‘GTA’ in reference to the popular videogame. They killed at least 17 people in several drive-by shootings in the Moscow Region from 2012 to 2014.

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