Russia: Foster mother of eight disabled children shares her story

Journalist (Russian): «Do they want to return to the orphanage? What do they say, do they remember it?» Madinat Shakhbulatova, mother of adopted children (Russian): «No, they don't want to. When some people ask them they say no, they want to stay with mother.» Foster mother of eight disabled children Madinat Shakhbulatova shared the story behind her decision to adopt orphans in an interview... Еще filmed on 26th of April in the Makhachkala region in Dagestan. She said she made a vow to adopt children if he helped her son Ramazan to heal. Ramazan had been badly injured while serving in a law-enforcement body and spent six months in a critical condition. «At first we took three boys. I watched their reaction. Three months later we took three children more. Then took a girl, then more [children] and the last one is this little [child],» Shakhbulatova said. «If she made a promise, I think she did the right thing. I'm supporting her in this situation,» Ramazan, now fully recovered, commented on his mother's decision. According to Madinat, the children don't want to return to the orphanage and want to stay with her.

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