Russia: «Forensic examinations have been requested» — Investigative Committee on gruesome find

«A number of forensic examinations have been requested», Senior Assistant to the Head of Media Relations of Russia’s Investigative Committee Natalya Smyatskaya said in a statement in the Krasnodar Region, Monday, following the detention of a couple earlier in September, suspected of murdering a local woman. According to information on the Investigative Committee’s website, a 35-year-old man and... Еще his partner were drinking by Gastello Street with a woman they had met on 8th September. An argument broke out, during which the man killed and dismembered the woman. He then photographed himself with parts of her body on his mobile phone. Road workers discovered the phone on 11th of September and handed it in to police. Following a search of the suspects’ flat, investigators found body parts in salted water, as well as frozen meat from an unknown origin. Analyses will be carried out to determine whether the meat is human. While prosecutors have so far only confirmed they have the remains of one person, they are looking into possible connections to other unsolved crimes. Russian media reports that during questioning, one of the pair admitted to killing up to 30 people since the late 1990s and to consuming their victims. The police have not confirmed this information.

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