Russia: Foreign Ministry slams removal of Russian flags from diplomatic facilities seized by US

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova condemned the removal of Russian flags from diplomatic properties seized by the US in a press briefing in Moscow, Thursday. “We regard the incident as an outrage against the state symbol,” she said, adding that “the Americans do not hide that they also rummaged through documents that remained in the consulate general, after they were forced... Еще to leave Russia's property by force.” Zakharova then added «what will the response measures be? Imagine that everything, or just a part of what is happening now to Russia in the US, from general consulates to the news channel Russia Today, was applied to American diplomats, citizens and the media [in Russia].» The administration of US President Donald Trump ordered the closure of Russian diplomatic consulates and annexes in New York, Washington DC and San Francisco after Moscow cut U.S diplomatic presence in Russia.


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