Russia: Football for Friendship draws teams ahead of tournament

SOT, Nadia Tudor, presenter: “Hello Denis. And I’m really excited to take part this year. Here’s some welcoming words from Viktor Zubkov, the Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors.” SOT, Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of Gazprom Board of Directors (Russian): «Dear Friends! I am happy to welcome you to the official opening of Sixth Season of the International Children's Social Programme Football... Еще for Friendship, initiated and implemented by Gazprom.” MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “We have six young ambassadors of the programme here in studio with us. First is Zakhar Badyuk from Russia.” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “Now let’s meet Christopher Sowah Mensah, young football player from Ghana.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “Ananya Kamboj, young journalist from India.” SOT Ananya Kamboj, young journalist from India: “It’s a very good initiative for young footballers and journalists to showcase their talent.” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “Runqi Cui. What’s it like coming back, because obviously this is not your first time.” SOT Runqi Cui, Young Ambassador from China: “Yeah, I’m happy to come back. And last time I was a young coach and this is first time for me and I think I did very well.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter (English): “And next up is Lilya Matsumoto. A young journalist from Japan.” SOT Lilya Matsumoto, Young Ambassador from Japan: «I'm very honoured to be here again to participate in the open draw.» SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter (English): “And next up we have finally Juan Manuel Pinola Silveira. I love your name, can I just start with that? You’ve got the best name in the world. What’s your experience like so far?” SOT Juan Manuel Pinola Silveira, Young Ambassador from Uruguay: «I'm so excited. This is my first time taking part of draw for Football for Friendship.» SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “These six young talented boys and girls are about to start the draw.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “Now we’re waiting for Hippopotamus Team.” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “They’re enjoying themselves.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter (English): “Turkmenistan and Croatia for Hippopotamus’ defence. Italy and New Caledonia, just imagine that midfield line. And forward from Uruguay. Look at him, he is happy.” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “Really happy, oh you Juan.” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “For all of you this is not the first time when you’re here for Football for Friendship. Are you enjoying it, guys?” SOT Young Ambassadors: “Yes!” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “Oh, come on! They can do better, louder. Are you enjoying it?” SOT Young Ambassadors: “Yes!” SOT Nadia Tudor, presenter: “We have two very special guests right here in this studio. A famous Russian figure skater, Olympic champion and two-time European silver medalist, five-time medalist on the Gran-Prix series and four-time Russian national champion, what a list it is, Adelina Sotnikova.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “And also a two-time Russian national champion and a European champion in wheelchair-rugby Yuri Kamenets.” SOT Adelina Sotnikova, figure skater (Russian): “I believe that this is a wonderful project for kids, as it gives them a chance to experience a grown-up’s life and reach their goal. It’s good to get it at the young age. I wish all the children the best of luck.” SOT Denis Kazansky, presenter: “Football for Friendship brings together kids from all the nations, not matter what their gender, race or physical abilities. Yuri, as a champion of wheelchair-rugby, what’s your message to our participants with disabilities?”

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