Russia: Fly me to the moon! Scientists finish 17-day lunar flight simulation

Six scientists, five Russian and one German, finished an experiment imitating a space trip to the moon on Friday, after locking themselves into a grounded space capsule for 17 days. The experiment nicknamed ‘SIRIUS’, (The Scientific international research in unique terrestrial station), aimed to examine psychological and physical effects of confinement. During the imitation flight, team members... Еще performed various scientific experiments in the mock-up spaceship and responded to simulated emergency situations, including sleep deprivation. Crew commander Mark Serov stated that the «task of SIRIUS mission is fully accomplished», adding that,"all the systems functioned perfectly, the mood is good, we’re feeling good.» Serov explained how the crew had lost some of their sense of smell during the experiment. «There was a limited number of smells and other sensorial feelings, now we feel everything. We feel the smell of a camera, the smell of flowers, and are glad to feel that,» he said. German crew member Viktor Fetter shared his favourite memory of stumbling on a «cooked sausage» inside the grounded space capsule. «We were happy beyond words,» he said. The SIRIUS experiment was performed for the first time in five years by Russian Institute of Biological and Medical Problems in cooperation with Roscosmos, NASA and other scientists from France, Germany, Japan, Italy and the UK. The next step in the programme is a four-month long mission in 2018, before a final 365-day space flight simulation.

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