Russia: Flowers and toys pay tribute to drowned boy in Sochi

An improvised memorial emerged in the Lazarevskoe district in the Russian city of Sochi on Saturday, at the site where a boy fell into a water drainage system ditch the previous day before being found dead at sea. The story shocked many people not only with the tragic developments but also with an act of self-sacrifice. The boy's grandmother jumped into the hatch of the water drainage system... Еще to rescue him but he had already been carried away by the stream. «It rained heavily. I walked out of the store when she screamed. Apparently, he fell into there [water drainage system] and was swept away in an instant. She ran right here, started screaming,” recalled one of the eyewitnesses. Recounting the deadly incident, another witness said the grandmother deserved the Hero of Russia award. “The grandmother had already been caught in the sea meanwhile the boy had not [been caught] yet. Many people went in the sea. Even more than there are people on the beach during the heatwave,” said another eyewitness. Sochi and the adjacent area have been recently hit by heavy rain which in turn turned roads and streets into rivers.

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