Russia: First ever election for Sevastopol governor takes place

The first direct election for the governor of the city took place in Sevastopol, Crimea, Sunday. A total of 48 polling stations were opened in the Gagarin District, 48 in Leninsky, 48 in Balaklava, and 46 in Nakhimovo, including remote and rural areas. Five people are battling for the post of the city governor. French politician Thierry Mariani, who came to Crimea, described the process as «a... Еще normal election in a normal place.” In July 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin assigned Dmitri Ovsyannikov as head of the city. In Sevastopol, direct elections for the head of the city have not been held since its foundation in 1783. Voting day is taking place across Russia, including elections for the federal heads of constituent entities and for legislative bodies.

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