Russia: Finance Minister Siluanov doubts future of crypto-currencies

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov encouraged Russians to opt for the rouble rather than crypto-currencies, calling them as «illusions to bypass restrictions and sanctions,» in an interview in Moscow on Tuesday. «All this is an illusion because the control over crypto-currencies is now being adjusted. In the near future, virtually all crypto-currencies will be under the same control as for... Еще transfers in conventional currencies — in dollars, euros, roubles,» said Siluanov. «What is the Bitcoin? Today, the price is one, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow, it will be another one. This is a big volatility,» added the Russian finance minister, noting that «the transactions in roubles are on the contrary more protected. Why? Because all transactions in roubles are seen only by our Central Bank. No one else sees it [the transactions]. Therefore, it makes no sense to flee to Bitcoins, when you can pay in our national currency.» Siluanov added, «I do not think that there is any future for the Bitcoins. The future is behind Blockchain.»


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