Russia: FIFA referees 'impressed' with Russia's WC preparations

SOT, Massimo Busacca, Head of FIFA Refereeing (Spanish): «Very good. I am very happy, in particular speaking about referees, because we have everything available to us. So I have to say thank you very much to Russia for what they prepared, and I'm sure it's going to continue this way until the end.» SOT, correspondent (Spanish): «How did you like the stadiums, which the majority are new?» SOT... Еще, Massimo Busacca, Head of FIFA Refereeing (Spanish): «Very nice. I refereed yesterday the match at Luzhniki Stadium and it was very exciting. But I didn't have any doubt. Russia is a very professional country, a country that always won a lot in sports and knows that they have to invest and show the world that they can do it, and I'm sure it will be so.» *JUMPCUT AT SOURCE* SOT, Cesar Arturo Ramos, referee (Spanish): «I'm here training since day three. The country has a great atmosphere, and as we approach the day of the opening, I see the people more involved, more tourists, more people with flags. That's what we've seen.» SOT, correspondent (Spanish): «Have you had the possibility to train in stadiums where you will eventually be officiating?» SOT, Cesar Arturo Ramos, referee: «No, we have only done some practice sessions. We have not seen anything else, but we have been in a constant state of preparation.» SOT, correspondent (Spanish): «Have are you preparing for the World Cup with VAR? It's the first World Cup with VAR, is there any pressure, you can make mistakes as shows on the big screen.» SOT, Cesar Arturo Ramos, referee: «We trained every day, in the classroom, in the pitch, with players, and we are prepared because we've been doing this for two years in almost every seminar and I think the preparation was very complete. The refereeing is still the same, it has to be done in the pitch.» Head of FIFA Refereeing Massimo Busacca was «impressed» with Russia's preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup during an interview in Moscow on Monday. «Especially on the refereeing point of view, on the preparation facilities, everything, so, we are really to thank the Russia for what they prepared,» he said. Referees commented on the new Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, which will be used at a World Cup for the first time this summer. Those interviewed felt that technology could never replace human judgement. «Perhaps in the middle we have the help of VAR, but the human is at the beginning and at the end of the story», referee Clement Turpin pointed out. Leading African referee Bakary Gassama, hoped Russia could dispel rumours of racism amongst fans by using football «to bring people together all over the world wherever you come from, wherever your background.»

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