Russia: 'Fake News!' — Fans react to rumours of Salah leaving Egyptian team

SOT, Egyptian national football team fan: «Yeah look you know, it started all off with a problem between Mohamed Salah and the national team airplane, where they used his images without his permission. And that caused a big controversy, and now obviously propaganda coming out with Salah taking pictures with the Chechnyan President [Ramzan Kadyrov] and stuff like that. And actually when we look at... Еще this and we look at the history of Egyptian players and scandals that happened, it's a very similar situation that happened with Egyptian legend Aboutrika. SOT, Egyptian national football team fan: «You know Mohamed Aboutrika was a legend as big as Mohamed Salah was right now and the Egyptian media found a way to turn against him, so we hope that the same situation doesnt repeat itself with Mohamed Salah, and hopefully it's all rumours. Mohamed Salah will play today against Saudi Arabia hopefully, and we will qualify for the World Cup 2022 with Salah as one of our star players. SOT, Egyptian national football team fan: «Yeah and in terms of him you know, retiring, for now it's just rumours, and hopefully it won't be true and hopefully things can be resolved. I don't think that the Egyptian FA would have a higher power over Salah, because everyone in Egypt loves Salah. He's almost become an iconic figure for the team, for the whole country and no one would really turn against him. If anything people would turn against the national team.» Fans of the Egyptian national football team commented on recent rumours of Egyptian star player Mohamed Salah's alleged retirement from the national team, while waiting outside the Volgograd stadium ahead of Egypt's final match with Saudi Arabia on Monday. «Look obviously when a player announces his retirement it should be due to old age and lack of footballing ability. However, in this situation it is unfortunate that we are hearing rumours that Mohamed Salah might retire due to political reasons. There's been a lot of rumours going around,» one fan said. Another fan responded «No, no. he will compete to move with Egypt to the next World Cup, the Egyptian player will never do that, he will compete and he will stay with Egyptian team.» «No, no, it's just fake news,» stated another.

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