Russia: Eyewitness recounts anti-ISIS operation in Tyumen

An eyewitness recalled seeing the Siberian city of Tyumen on lockdown as Russian special forces carried out an operation against armed affiliates of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) on Friday night. «Around 10 pm, and I am living no so far from district Mayak, a big number of police cars passed by our house,» he remembered. «I reacted at once, got into the car with my... Еще friend and headed toward the district.» The young man, a local resident, recalled seeing vehicles belonging to the Russian security services at a security cordon. «There was for sure a shootout, sounds of a shootout, and that was maybe around 11 or 12 pm local time,» he added. Two terror suspects were killed during the operation, according to Russia's National Anti-terrorism Committee. Officials said the militants were holed up in a private home as Russian special forces stormed the apartment and killed the terror suspects in return fire. The Federal Security Service say the IS-linked militants were planning to carry out a terror attack in the local area. No victims were reported among civilians during the operation.

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