Russia: Ex Georgian minister says US backed secret medical tests in Tbilisi

Former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze stated that he has reasonable evidence to suggest that a US-backed lab near Tbilisi conducted secret medical tests on Georgian citizens as he spoke from Moscow on Tuesday. Giorgadze referred to the 'Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research' which he says was backed by the US Department of Defence. «Private contractors on a federal... Еще contract with the Defence Threat Reduction Agency might have really conducted secret experiments on Georgian nationals at the Richard Lugar lab,» he stated. He also mentioned dozens of people died according to the lab's reports due to unknown reasons. Their names are not known. According to Giorgarze, the lab conducted experiments with people for 'hepatitis C treatment.' They were allegedly taking a drug called Sovaldi to treat the illness. «We can also make a conclusion based on these documents that some patients with contraindications were treated with this drug as well,» he said. «In some cases the experiment went on even when the patient did not agreed to take part in it.» Giorgadze promised to reveal all the documents, 'hundreds and thousands of pages', that may prove the alleged secret experiments took place in the Lugar Center. He also urged US President Donald Trump to launch an investigation.

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