Russia: ‘Everyone can be candidate for president’ — Navalny attends rally hours after release from jail

Russian opposition leader, Aleksey Navalny attended a rally in Astrakhan, Sunday, just a few hours after being released from jail where he spent 20 days for repeated calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies. «I will explain to you all — those who are over 35 years old, Ksyusha Sobchak and everyone else who are Russian citizens, who are not in prisons — everyone can be candidate for president... Еще,» Navalny told the crowd as he referred to TV anchor Ksenia Sobchak's decision to run for president in the 2018 presidential elections. «I want a younger [candidate],» one attendee of the rally said. «I follow the politics and all the hope we have for him is to change the whole situation in Russia,» she added. Sobchak had announced her decision to run for the 2018 presidential elections representing herself as 'the none of the above' candidate, in Moscow on October 18.
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