Russia: Emotions run high as two orphaned children of foreign IS fighters return to Grozny

Two Russian children, eight-year-old Adlan Dakaev and nine-year-old Khadija Huseinova, who had been taken by their parents to Iraq when they joined self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS), were returned to the arms of their relatives in Grozny, Thursday. «They have serious burns from rocket strikes from the so-called «defenders of democracy», the Americans, the French and the rest... Еще», Middle East and North Africa representative for the Chechen Republic Sabsabi Ziyad said. «We didn’t even know that he was going there [Iraq]», Laila Akueva, Adlan Dakaev’s grandmother said, referring to her son. «We only found out he was there after his death on 1 May», she said, adding «When I heard that they [Chechen authorities] were looking for Russian children, we started searching for our grandson. A huge thank you to Ramzan Kadyrov. He helped us a lot». According to reports, a number of Russian-speaking children are still in Iraqi orphanages across the country. Their relatives remain hopeful to see the kids safe back in their homeland.

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