Russia: EMERCOM sends extra rescue squad to search for missing workers at diamond mine

A team of Kuzbass rescuers were sent to the site of the flooded pumping station at Alrosa's Mir diamond mine, in the Yakutian town of Mirni, Friday. The rescue groups include 23 workers from the Novokuznetsk mine rescue squad as well as eight mine-rescue divers from the National Mine Rescue Centre. «The task of the mine-rescue divers is to make their way to the people who are believed to be... Еще under the rubble. So the divers should reach there as soon as possible if there is water, and they should provide aid to the people,» said the Novokuznetsk squad's assistant commander Alexei Schemyakin. The emergency response team will be involved in the rescue operation at the mine. More than 130 miners were evacuated earlier in the day from the Mir diamond mine following the flooding. Some nine miners are said to be missing.

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