Russia: Driver kills woman crossing road with buggy, baby and husband

A 26-year-old woman was killed after being hit by an SUV as she walked on a pedestrian crossing with her husband and baby in the Russian town of Tuapse on Monday, June 25. The victim’s husband and baby survived the incident. Footage filmed by an eyewitness shows the aftermath of the fatal crash. The family was reportedly going to the beach when an SUV knocked the woman, Maria Kirilschik... Еще, down while she pushed a buggy across the street and her husband carried their child in his arms. The driver is believed to be a local businessman. The husband of the deceased woman, Egor Kirilshik, has called on all possible eyewitnesses to come forward and provide any evidence they have to his lawyer. One such eyewitness, Kristina Perfilova, described the incident as a 'horror story' and said that she 'cannot understand how it could have happened' when she spoke about it on Friday, June 29. Another witness, Oksana Scherban, saw the family three days before the tragedy and described them as 'a wonderful couple.' “I saw them on Friday [June 22]. I believe they probably had some kind of routine with such a young child. They left for the beach at the same time every day, then came back at the same time,” Scherban said. According to a statement released by police, the driver was sober at the time of the incident. He is facing charges related to road traffic violation and reckless driving. If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail.

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