Russia: Donetsk is my home’ — soldier from America volunteers for Novorussia

“Donetsk is my home, I am going to live there the rest of my life” said a volunteer for Novorussian army, Russell Bentley, during his visit to Sevastopol, Monday. American 56-year-old Russell Bentley visited Sevastopol to meet with members of the self-defence troops. The group laid flowers on the memorial for the siege of Sevastopol in 1941-1942, and visited the city's sites of military glory... Еще. According to Russell Bentley, who goes by the name “Texas” as his home state, he is also a soldier in the «economic war,» stating that he brings «humanitarian aid to people that need it in Donbass.” Talking about his fellow soldiers, he mentioned Spanish, Indian, and Brazilian nationals. Bentley went on saying that most of the time he does not shoot back when he receives provocations from Ukrainians and «Nazi battalions.» Russell Bentley got married not a long ago. His wife’s name is Lyudmila, she is from Donbass. They had their church wedding on September 22. Earlier Bentley served in the American army for three years. He came to Ukraine in 2014. Since then he volunteers for the Novorussian army.

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