Russia: Do you want Russia moving from one «Maidan» to another? Putin asks Sobchak

Russian President Vladimir Putin and likely presidential candidate and journalist Ksenia Sobchak engaged in a verbal exchange during the annual marathon question-and-answer press conference in Moscow on Thursday. «There is a candidate, Alexei Navalny, he has been leading the election campaign for a year already; some fake allegations have been made against him,» said Sobchak in reference to a... Еще case that will likely see Navalny barred from running in next year's presidential eleciton. «The same happened to my activity after I announced my participation in the elections: It is very difficult to rent any venue in the country, people refuse to rent a place even on commercial conditions, it is difficult to show any agitation materials, and all of that is because of fear,» she added. Putin responded saying, «Speaking about the people you have mentioned. There was a question about Ukraine earlier — do you want dozens of such Saakashvili-types, running around the squares? Those, you have mentioned are Saakashvili-types, but in a Russian edition.» He added: «Do you want them to destabilise the situation [in the country]? Do you want us to live from one Maidan to another? That we will have coup attempts?»

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