Russia: Detention extended for teen sisters charged with father’s murder

SOT, reporter (Russian): «That day?» SOT, Anastasia Kosheleva, sisters' friend (Russian): «Yes, that day. Everyone took to the street wondering what was happening. Although some say this case was not the first one, there were many such cases before.» The detention of three sisters charged with murdering their father was extended for 72 hours in Moscow’s Ostankinskiy disctict court on Monday... Еще. Friends of Kristina, Angelina, Maria Khachaturyan claimed their father had always been very aggressive. «He [the father] took out a gun from time to time and threatened everybody. To my mind, this alone shows that he was an unstable person,» — sisters’ friend Adeline said. Neighbours also pointed out father's aggressive behaviour. The sisters 17, 18 and 19 years old are suspected to have stabbed their father Mikhail Khachaturyan to death on July 27 in a Moscow apartment. The girls reportedly confessed to committing the crime «over moral suffering» the father caused them over the years.

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