Russia: Desperate parents plea for information on Kerch students

Clerk (Russian): «There is a hot-line number.» Relative 1 (Russian): «We called 150 times.» Clerk (Russian): «We transferred all the information to them.» Relative 1 (Russian): «All we need is hope. Do you understand? There is no kid in any lists. Do you know how many of us are here? We do not know where he is.» Relative 2 (Russian): «Call someone who has authority to speak. How many... Еще children can we wait for after the anaesthesia, so that they can speak?» Relatives of Kerch college students, whose fate and whereabouts is yet unclear, gathered outside a hospital in the Russian city of Kerch on Wednesday, trying to get ahold of information regarding their children. «We cannot understand, 60 people are lying in there but there's no list of who's there,» said one of the relatives. «We've been here since 11 o’clock, since 12 o’clock. What can we say? We are standing. We have no information at all. Nobody knows anything. The lists have been updated and that is it.» According to EMERCOM, the death toll of the attack has risen to 19, with dozens of others wounded.

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