Russia: Deceived shareholders heckle and accuse Grudinin of political PR

Deceived shareholders accused Russian Communist Party presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin of using a Communist Party congress for political PR after walking out of the event, in Moscow on Saturday. The Communist party's 'all-Russian Congress of Deceived Investors congress' was being held in the House of Cinema and was attended by those who had once bought shares of a state farm called the... Еще Sovkhoz im Lenin, which is located in the outskirts of Moscow. Soon after Grudinin — who is the owner of the Sovkhoz im Lenin enterprise — finished his speech, a significant part of the audience left the conference, claiming that he was using the congress as a platform for his election campaign instead of helping people solve their issues. «I came here to solve the problem of a deceived investor. We were shown a film about Grudinin. Is this a pre-election company or what? For about half an hour we have been shown [a film] about his state farm. How will this help us to solve the problem of a deceived investor? It won't!” said one attendee, Irina Plekhanova. The organisers of the event called the disgruntled attendees ‘provocateurs’ and led them out of the hall. Earlier, police detained 15 shareholders of the Sovkhoz im Lenin, who were picketing near where the congress was being held. Protesters who attended the rally had been carrying posters that claimed Grudinin bought up shares from his employees in the 1990s. As a result, the shareholders were allegedly left with nothing, and the director of the enterprise became a billionaire.

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