Russia: De-escalation zones 'already saved many lives' — Syrian opposition member to Lavrov

President of Syria's Tomorrow Movement Ahmad Jarba stated that the established de-escalation zones «have already saved a large number of lives in Syria,» at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow, Friday. Jarba thanked Lavrov for his efforts towards the creation of de-escalation zones in Syria, adding that two such zones in Eastern Ghouta and to the north of Homs «have... Еще already saved a large number of lives in Syria and allowed humanitarian aid convoys to reach those in need.» He went on to say that his opposition party «strives to support the political process to reach a political solution to form a Syrian government on the basis of faith groups, which would have the trust of the entire population» and «provide political pluralism.» In turn, Lavrov said that «we see the consistent position that you have taken throughout the Syrian crisis — you continue to stand up for the creation of conditions for the start of direct dialogue and to find universally accepted solutions, which reflect the interests of all Syrians without exception, as well as all faith groups and political movements.» Syria's Tomorrow Movement was founded in March last year.
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