Russia: Crimea presents first combat battalion in Feodosia

The Crimean region of Russia showcased the first combat assault battalion in its history with an official presentation held in the Crimean city of Feodosia, Saturday, where the combat assault battalion will be deployed. The ceremony was followed by a demonstration of the modern Airborne Forces' equipment and weapons, including armoured vehicles and personnel carriers, as well as airborne... Еще assault vehicles. During the show, paratroopers with the flags of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence and the Airborne Forces landed on the stadium's field. Reconnaissance units and the combined military brass band also participated in the event. According to the Russian Airborne Troops commander, Andrei Serdyukov, the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Airborne Troops are currently facing re-equipment and being replenished with «new models of arms, military and special hardware». He also noted that the «Russian Airborne Troops are rearming vigorously.» The Crimean combat assault battalion was formed on December 1. The unit's leadership was granted with a certificate of merit signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The 171st separate airborne battalion is a part of the 7th Guards Airborne Assault Division. It is the first military unit of the Russian Airborne Troops history which is stationed in Crimea.

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