Russia: Court terminates parental rights after girl spend 5 yrs in hospital

A Moscow court terminated the parental rights of a couple whose five-year-old daughter has been living in a prenatal medical centre since her birth on Wednesday. In December, the story of Alexandra Zinkina who spent her entire life in the prenatal centre «Mother and Child» caused public outcry. The clinic cancelled the contract with her parents and filed a lawsuit demanding the girl to be taken... Еще home. The couple claimed that they were afraid for her health while doctors did not diagnosed the child with any serious conditions. The child's father Yury Zinkin filed a lawsuit concerning «illegal enrichment» of the medical centre, saying that the family has been paying for the girl's living in a hospital for the whole period, but it was dismissed. The clinic's lawsuit was referred to the bailiffs. Alexandra will be place under guardianship of authorities. Her parents will be required to pay alimony in the amount of the quarter of their monthly salary until the girl turns 18. The hospital's lawyer Anatoly Kleymenov said that the centre was ready «to release the child» but «then faced an insurmountable obstacle» with the family. Alexandra's parents were not present at the court hearing. Maksimova's lawyer Olga Lukmanova reported that her defendant could not come because of her illness and provided the judge with medical documents. However, the court did not postpone the hearing. The parents' lawyers said they will appeal the verdict. Dear clients, please, note the restrictions: MANDATORY RT LOGO FOR RUSSIAN CLIENTS FOR VIDEO: 00:00 — 02:12. MANDATORY RT LOGO FOR RUSSIAN CLIENTS FOR VIDEO: 00:00 — 02:12

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