Russia: Court places Yaroslavl prison torture suspect in custody

Yaroslavl’s Zavolzhsky court ruled on Wednesday that Sergei Drachev, the 26-year-old man accused of torturing a prisoner, should be held in pre-trial custody until September 22. “The court has ruled to place Drachev Sergei Pavlovich in pre-trial custody for two months until September 22, 2018,” Yaroslavl’s Zavolzhsky court judge Maria Selezneva said. She also noted that the decision had been... Еще taken on the basis that Drachev represents a threat to the public. Drachev is one of six prison guards, accused of torturing Yaroslavl prisoner Evgeny Makarov, who have been placed in custody. Makarov was filmed being beaten up with batons and fists by prison guards. The video was released by Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper on July 20. The abuse reportedly took place on June 29, 2017, and was captured by a portable video recorder, which the Federal Penal Enforcement Service employees are required to carry by law.

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