Russia: Couple adopt pet Puma named Messi

Like he is a dog. We started taking him for a walk, step by step, the animal had not been really active before, so long routes were hard to go on. Now we walk a long distances twice a day, as it is supposed to be. It does not differ much from having a dog in this case.» While most families adopt a dog or cat as a playful companion, one couple in the Russian city of Penza revealed their new pet... Еще on Thursday — a Puma named Messi. Messi’s owners, Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev, first met the big cat a year ago while visiting a zoo in their home city and decided they had to have him. At first, Messi visited the couple’s home for a few hours and liked it. After more bonding time, Messi finally moved into the Dmitrievs’ place which he now shares with their six-year-old cat. According to Aleksandr, the pets don’t get along with each other. “He [Messi] is still a kitten. He wants to play with her, she beats him hard for that, with claws, fluffs at him,” the owner said. Messi was born in Saransk zoo in 2015. He was named in honour of Barcelona and Argentina football star Lionel Messi, influenced by Russia's winning bid to host the 2018 World Cup. Like his famous namesake, Messi has undergone rigorous daily training with the Dimitrievs, learning how to do his business outdoors. According to Marina, owning a puma doesn’t differ much from having a dog as a pet. See Ruptly’s previous coverage of Messi the cougar at
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