Russia: Counter-terrorism ops prevented 25 attacks in Russia during 2017

Security forces managed to prevent 25 terrorist attacks in 2017, according to the Russian National Anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday. Deputy Chief of Staff Igor Kulyagin said the NAC had managed to persuade more than 1,000 citizens «to abandon extremist and terrorist activities.» «More than 50 terrorist conspirator cells were suppressed in the course... Еще of the counter-terrorist organisation's operations, operational searches and other activities. There have been 1,060 detained bandits. During armed resistance, 90 militants were killed, including 13 gang leaders,» Kulyagin told reporters. Part of the fight against those suspected of extremism involved freezing their assets, totalling 14 million roubles ($248,000; €204,000).

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