Russia: CLONED dogs get SOCKS as they prepare to guard prisoners in Siberia

A pair of cloned dogs got ready for their assignment at Yakutia penal colony number 1, Saturday. The two Belgian Shepherd Malinois were created at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea in 2015. They were later gifted to the Yakutia law enforcement where they were immediately put to use to guard some of Russia's most dangerous criminals. With six month to go, the pair lose no time... Еще in training every day with their handlers as they attempt to adjust to Siberia's severe climate, where temperatures can drop to -40 C. «Paws are the most sensitive to snow,» said penal colony chief instructor Irina Babikova. «In order to make them feel comfortable, because the dog’s health is our highest priority, we put socks on them. I think sooner or later dogs will get used to the cold,» she asserted. Babikova finds the dogs otherwise «obedient», «well-socialised» and «well-behaved in any circumstance.» Yakutia penal colony number 1 is a high security prison which reportedly houses 720 inmates.

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