Russia: Children of IS found in Mosul currently in Iraqi custody — Deputy FM

Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Nizar Issa Abdul-Hadi Al-Khairalla stated that the Irraqi government were doing their best to look after children whose relatives fought with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS); formerly ISIS/ISIL currently and are now in custody of the Iraqi authorities. Making the comments from Moscow, Thursday, Al-Khairalla noted that as the military operation in Mosul «is... Еще being completed,» there are «a lot of» implications in relation to certain families whose relatives had fought with IS. Speaking in particular about the children from non-Iraqi families, the deputy foreign minister added that the Iraqi authorities «try to look after them until all the legal procedures are being completed,» because he said they wanted to «make sure those children are going back home.» Al-Khairalla noted that the receiving countries have different laws, which lead to different arrangements, depending on «whether they send them to custody, whether they send them to their families, or whether they are taking care of them.» The Iraqi deputy foreign minister described the psychological effect on children as «a real problem» before adding that «we do expect from the countries who receive their children to look after them.»

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