Russia: ‘Chernobyl won’t let you go’ — Major General Tarakanov discusses nuclear disaster clean-up

Major General Nikolai Tarakanov, who oversaw the liquidation of highly radioactive elements from the zones of the Chernobyl nuclear site, discussed the operation and told how the disaster still affects his life, in an interview in Moscow on Tuesday. Tarakanov worked with soldiers who cleared the soil and debris from the roof of the collapsed and exposed reactor number four. The soldiers were... Еще able to work on the plant’s electronics only after the reactor had been buried with “300,000 cubic meters of crushed stone” and covered with heavy concrete plates, the general said. Tarakanov told that after the incident he suffered from radiation sickness. “I made a tiny cut while shaving, and it didn’t heal for two weeks after that. My gums were bleeding, I had bloody diarrhoea. It is scary to think about it,” he said, adding that he still takes eight different types of medicine each day. The general also went on to say that he has “nothing to complain” about HBO’s new hit show ‘Chernobyl’, where Tarakanov is being portrayed by British actor Ralph Ineson.

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