Russia: Boy with congenital defect finds loving family in Moscow

Five-year-old Rustam Zlobin is a rare kind of hero. Born with multiple congenital defects, a year ago he lived in an orphanage in the Russian city of Cherepovets and was set to move to a home for disabled children. That is, until a couple from Moscow found out about him and became his devoted new family. «No one takes children with disabilities [to adopt], even if they are mentally healthy... Еще, only with physical disabilities they go to the special needs orphanage,» Rustam's foster mother Veronika Ylobina said. Footage shows Rustam playing with his new family in Moscow, rocking out with a toy guitar and learning the alphabet under the careful eye of mum Veronika. «He has already forgotten his orphanage. He has substituted notions. He believes he was at a nursery school, then we took him back home. We share the same feeling. It's like we took him from somewhere back home,» Ylobina shared. Rustam's new parents even created a page on social media to raise awareness about his condition.

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