Russia: Bolivian FM rips into US threats against Venezuela

Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni Mamani voiced his support for Venezuela's Constituent Assembly in an exclusive RT interview from Moscow on Wednesday. «We are convinced that the path chosen, the National Constituent Assembly is 100% democratic. It's the perfect format for dialogue», he said. Mamani used Bolivia as an example of a country that had undergone a similar process... Еще, «Through the Constituent Assembly, we were able to create a multi-ethnic state. And it helped us within Constitution to start our own democratic process and find our own methods of solving urgent problems in Bolivia.» He concluded by expressing his hope that the assembly «format» would allow Venezuela to «come to an agreement on various issues and challenges which Venezuela faces.» The Bolivian foreign minister also made remarks on US foreign policy condemning the country's «intervention in the affairs of different countries» in what he sees as the attempt to reinforce Western hegemony.

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