Russia: Blatter lauds host nation’s World Cup victories as ‘best start ever’

SOT, Joseph Blatter, former FIFA President: “For me this was elementary. This was the best start ever because it’s my 11th World Cup, [during] 10 I was in very actively, here I am a guest but the first match of the organising committee of the host, that’s important and the second even more. And now it’s all gone. It's all gone. Its success [is] ensured for the whole competition.” SOT, Joseph... Еще Blatter, former FIFA President: «And you know what is important also that this World Cup in Russia where there have been, let’s say, so many doubts about of the organisational abilities and what will happen. It’s started with a 'voom' and especially in the stadium there is a wonderful ambience in the stadium. Football is good, it is not yet at the best because in the first round you have to look a little bit but what is important is the television audience internationally. Russia is now in all the world by television, 'mondovision' [world vision] and this is very important.” SOT, Kate Partridge, RT journalist: “How do you think that VAR has had an impact on this World Cup? Do you think it is a positive thing, do you think it is a negative thing?” SOT, Joseph Blatter, former FIFA President: “I think that it is not yet totally ready to be introduced in the World Cup. Because VAR would be good if, let’s say, television referees should always be in the same group because now they are changed every match. And you know, in referee, according to the rules of the game it is always said if in the opinion of a referee there is no one philosophy to approach this VAR and this must be improved because now there are some doubts and let’s see that in the future it will not create problems.” SOT, Kate Partridge, RT journalist: “Who do you think is going to win the World Cup?” SOT, Joseph Blatter, former FIFA President: “The winner of the final. No it is easy to say that. It's easy to say that. But you see now already at the very beginning if one of the big teams lost then depending if they finish first in a group or not, then everything can change then. Because it is a plan which has been established that number one should always win but if it is not the case then all possible solutions are now on.” Former FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter called Russia’s victories against Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the World Cup “the best start ever,” during an interview in Moscow on Wednesday. Blatter complimented the 2018 World Cup for managing to capture the world’s attention. “Russia is now in all the world by television,” Blatter said. The former FIFA president criticised the VAR system and remarked that it should not be operational because “there is no one philosophy to approach this VAR”. Blatter said it was impossible to say after the first round of games who will triumph come July 15’s final.

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