Russia: Blaming Assad for chemical attack on Douma a «provocation» — Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma a «provocation» during a press conference with his Tajik counterpart, Sirodjidin Aslov in Moscow on Monday. «When an investigation is required, we are in favour of it. But as the goal of the investigation is to reach the conclusion that ‘Assad did it with Putin’s support,’ we cannot have a serious conversation... Еще,» Lavrov stated. Commenting on Afrin, Lavrov said that «[Turkish] President Erdogan never stated that Turkey intended to occupy Afrin,» adding that the simplest way to stabilise the area is to «give this territory back to the Syrian government.» A number of non-government organisations, including the White Helmets, claimed that a chemical weapon dropped on Douma on 7 April, killing dozens of people.

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