Russia: Beslan commemorates school massacre victims on 13th anniversary

Hundreds of mourners remembered the third and final day of the Beslan school siege, Sunday, marking thirteen years since the hostage crisis that saw at least 385 killed and many more injured. Relatives and friends of the victims, but also survivors of the siege, all gathered at the school gym, where they laid flowers and candles at a vigil containing the photographs of the victims. Afterwards... Еще, they headed for the City of Angels cemetery, where 385 balloons were released into the sky. Chairperson of the organisation Mothers of Beslan Susanna Dudieva said, «We see people here who have shared our pain for many years together with us. It's a feeling when you fall and a lot of hands support you. It will probably not be enough to just thank all these people.» On September 1 2004, militants from the North Caucasus region seized the school and held 1,000 people captive for three days without food or water. The siege ended on September 3 leaving 334 dead, the youngest victim was only two years old.
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