Russia: Baby with face-covering birthmark arrives in Krasnodar for treatment

Six-month-old Luna Fenner came to Russia with her mother Carol Fenner from the United States on Wednesday, to get rid of a giant nevus covering almost all of her face. Fenner spoke to Russian journalists shortly upon arrival at Krasnodar airport. «Actually before I came everybody called me crazy to go here, to try something so far,» — she said. The infant’s family was disappointed with the... Еще “bullying on the streets” and the fact that the nevus can turn to cancer. It took doctors 6 days to diagnose Luna's condition after her birth in March 2019. The family did research among US doctors and received a number of offers from them. Surgeons said the baby would be subject to dozens of laser treatments, which would take years. Fenner and her husband Thiago Tavares decided to bring their child to the South of Russia after receiving a proposal from Krasnodar surgeon Pavel Popov. He learned about Luna’s case in the media and got in touch with the girl’s mother to offer a pioneering technique that is not available in the US. According to Dr. Popov, he can provide Luna with treatment which will take about 18 months, during which time she will receive six to eight surgeries at a cost of $25,000 (22,750 EUR). Dr. Popov also agreed to get the girl’s mother in touch with his patients who have endured such treatments before.

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