Russia: Astana format the 'only international working mechanism' — Lavrentiev

Russian Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev hailed the 10th Astana international meeting on Syria as the only successful international working process for Syria’s peace that exists, during a joint press conference with Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar Jaafari and head of the Syrian opposition interim government Ahmed Toma in Sochi on Tuesday. Jaafari praised the work... Еще of the delegates, outlining how the talks had helped to shine light on a number of issues. He explained that among these was the need for Syrian refugees to return to their homes and that a constitutional commission must be created to discuss the current constitution of the country. Toma stated that the establishment of the constitutional committee was underway and work on it will continue into September. He stated that this was a “crucial step towards political settlement regarding discussing a new constitution which will guarantee that there will be no authoritarian regime in our country in the future.» Lavrentiev weighed in that while he regrets that US colleagues have “distanced themselves from participation in the work of the 10th [Astana] international meeting on Syria”, the meeting had otherwise been a success. “The 10th Astana international meeting on Syria, which was established 1.5 years ago, confirmed its efficiency and relevance, and the results of our work speak for themselves — it is the only international working mechanism with the help of which we are able to make decisions that allow us to move forward towards our main goal step by step», he said.

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