Russia: Anti-terror units soar over Moscow in nets suspended from helicopters

Planned anti-terror exercises were carried out in Moscow on Friday, starting from the grounds of the Kremlin. Part of the drills also took place in Red Square, in Alexander Garden and in Borovitskaya Square. Due to the drills, the Kremlin was closed to the public, while traffic was limited on Borovitskaya Square for some 30 minutes. Access to Red Square and Alexander Garden was also partially... Еще restricted. The city centre, which is normally a no-fly zone, saw several Mi-8 military helicopters hovering over the capital's landmarks, carrying armed men on suspended nets. According to Russia's Federal Protective Service (FSO), the drills brought together security forces and other units, say reports. The forces reportedly carried out exercises related to the suppression of terror threats; and the transport of anti-terror units by different means, including by helicopter. The FSO's previous drills on November 22 stunned Muscovites, as they witnessed a helicopter carrying four armed men dressed in military gear. They were also transported in a net suspended from a helicopter.

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