Russia and China veto Syrian cross-border aid deliveries' resolution draft

Both Russia and China voted to block cross-border aid deliveries at the United Nations Security Council in New York City on Friday. Germany, Belgium and Kuwait drafted a resolution to allow cross-border humanitarian deliveries for another year and from two points in Turkey and one in Iraq. Russia put forward a rival text that would only approve current operations at two Turkish crossings and for... Еще only six months. Russia blamed its decision on militants, who «continue to retain control in some parts of Syria. They are not allowing humanitarian personnel into the area, preferring to independently control the process of delivery and distribution of assistance. As a result of this, much of this is not being used as directed.» Permanent Representative of Russia to UN, Vasily Nebenzya, touched on the Secretary-General on Humanitarian Assistance through Syria's report, and said, «there is information to the fact that cross border assistance is only for one, not four million people.» Both China and Russia stressed that they have personally supported the Syrian people, with China highlighting that it is «committed to improving the humanitarian situation in Syria and reducing the sufferings of the Syrian people.» Both countries drew on the fact that the cross-border aid was originally intended to be «temporary — as an emergency, urgent mechanism.» The remaining 13 members of the Security Council voted in favour of the draft resolution. Mandatory Credit: UNIFEED-UNTV Mandatory Credit: UNIFEED-UNTV


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