Russia: Alpinist touches down in Moscow after Pakistani rescue operation

Russian Alpinist Alexander Gukov landed in Moscow Region on Saturday, via a special plane after having been miraculously rescued from the Pakistani Karakoram Mountain Range. The unprecedented story started in July as Gukov, along with his friend Sergei Glazunov, decided to conquer Latok 1, one of the World's most challenging mountain peaks. But the ambitious plan turned into tragedy when... Еще Glazunov fell over the cliff and died with all the products falling into the abyss. As a result, Gukov was stranded over 6,000 metres (20,000 feet) above sea level for six days. He survived bad weather conditions and repeated avalanches by building a cocoon in the snow. On the seventh day, better weather conditions meant a Pakistani army helicopter was able to mount a rescue. Gukov was quickly rushed to a military hospital, suffering from severe frostbite and hallucinations. The 7,145 metre-high Latok I in Pakistan's northern Karakoram range is widely regarded to contain some of the world's most difficult high-altitude mountain climbing. The north ridge has never been scaled, although Gukov and Glazunov came close. Now the Russian climber is set to undergo a full check-up at the hospital and sustain a rehabilitation course.

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