Russia: Alas — mysterious remains found on Kerch Peninsula not alien despite media hype

Mysterious remains found by archaeologists on the Kerch Peninsula dating back almost 2000 years, have been proven to be human, despite speculation as to their origin due to a deformed skull, as footage showed on Saturday. Following the detailed examination of the remains, it was stated that they belong to a boy with cranial deformation. The disfigurement caused significant speculation among the... Еще press, some of whom noted that the unusual skull shape could be a sign of alien life. The boy is said to have been a Sarmatian, a people consisting of nomadic Iranian-speaking tribes originating in Eastern Europe. Pavel Getsko of the Institute of Archaeology at the Russian Academy of Sciences explained that in Sarmatian society it was common to intentionally disfigure heads because it was thought to look more «brutal» and «warlike.» Scientists came to the conclusion that, at the time of his death, the child was not more than one and a half years old. A molded jar, small beads, glass paste and copper alloy bracelet, worn on right hand, were also found near the boy.

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