Russia: Aide to Russian President slams US for pressuring Afghanistan to buy their helicopters

The Aide to the President of Russia Vladimir Kozhin commented on Afghanistan’s refusal to buy Russian helicopters saying that the US administration «put an unprecedented pressure» on this country to make it choose US helicopters over Russia’s own machines. Kozhin spoke during an interview in the Moscow region’s Patriot Park, on Thursday. Kozhin also commented on military trade with Turkey and... Еще Serbia. The representative mentioned a deal to acquire Russia’s most advanced S-400 missile defence system. «We can say the contract is hitting an implementation phase some of these days», Kozhin said. According to him, Turkey is to receive its first supply from Russia «between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.» He emphasised that the supply is funded both by Russia and Turkey. Kozhin went on to say that Russia plans «to continue our military and technical cooperation with Serbia» as well. Contracts for military equipment supply “are under discussion.»

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