Russia: Actor Tom Hardy expresses wish to be a 'Super Dad' in Moscow

British actor Tom hardy stated that he would like to have the superpower of being a 'Super Dad' during a press conference in Moscow, Friday, ahead of the Russian premiere of the movie Venom. After being asked to name three superpowers he would like to have, Hardy answered, «I'd like to be like Super Dad, you know. Just like be present and like get it right. That's it really, pretty much, right... Еще? That's the most important thing.» He also described his Venom movie character as a person who «is trying to uncover corruption and bad behaviour and speak on behalf of the people and do the right thing regardless of the consequences,» adding that «ultimately he's a flawed human being, who's trying to do good, but will do not so good things in order to do good.» The Venom movie is based on the comic book. Marvel's film stars Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams and premieres in Russia on October 4.

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