Russia: A walking gadget! Robo-doctor implants six chips beneath own skin

Doctor and innovator Alexandr Volchek implanted six chips underneath his own skin in order to turn his body into a multi-functional gadget in Novosibirsk, Friday. Tech-savvy Volchek can now open doors and pay bills with the flick of his wrist. Over the past three years, the physician has undergone several operations in order to get to this stage. The first chip was inserted in 2014 as a control... Еще card for a Siberian ski resort. Volchek also has two chips to enter his office, one transport chip and two memory cards, which are capable of storing up to one kilobyte of information. According to the doctor, the size of the standard chip is 2 × 12 millimetres, and the smallest one is no more than 1.5 × 8 millimetres. A syringe with a thick needle is used for the implantation process. The chip is not permanently implanted, and can be easily extracted from the body.
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