Russia: 'A person in my position has no right to show weakness' — Putin

Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Are you out of your mind? There are no such circumstances and will not be.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “We had a reception before the opening of the Olympic Games [in Sochi] with the IOC representatives. We got on a bus and went to the Fisht Stadium. In the midst of having to come my adjutant handed the phone to me. The chief of... Еще security headquarters for Olympic Games was calling. He said that a plane flying from Ukraine to Istanbul was seized, captors demand a landing in Sochi.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “The answer is expected — in accordance with the plan in case of the development of such situations.” interviewer (Russian): “What do you mean?” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “To shoot down.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “When I was reading the Ministry of Defence report, I don’t mind telling you that my heart sank, [I thought] there is probably a request for a posthumous award.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “[Russian soldiers] were fighting for 72 hours day and night. They did not just fight, they placed landmines, burned enemy’s armoured personnel carriers during a break.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “When I finished reading and saw that ‘thanks to the courage, heroism and professionalism, the group left the battle without losses, of course I wanted to shake their hands, to thank them, to meet them personally, to show respect and underline the importance of what they serve.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “There is no any hate among Russian people to Germany and Germans. There is no tearing away. As the saying goes, time heals. I’m not an advocate of making all German generations put ashes on their heads and castigate themselves for this terrible past their country went through, all Europe and the whole world, for the future will connect with Nazism and German fascism. Of course, we all should draw conclusions from the past and prevent something like that. We should respect the history, its purity. We should not allow to distort something in this history and not allow confusions.” interviewer (Russian): “You were not the pioneer up to sixth grade. Were you naughty?» SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Of course, I was. They didn’t accept me [as the pioneer].” interviewer (Russian): “Then you were accepted.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Then I was accepted, I got into single combat, sambo, judo, started to change, to learn the best, much has changed.” interviewer (Russian): “Judo wasn’t the first kind of sport, right?” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “The first was boxing.” interviewer (Russian): “What about it?” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “I broke my nose and after that I turned to single combat.” Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “When a person lashes out, he shows weakness. A person in my position has no right to show weakness.” A week before the Russian presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview for a two-hour documentary titled «Putin» by Andrei Kondrashov. During the interview, he spoke about a plane-hijacking scare, the work of Russian soldiers in Aleppo in 2016 and Russian-German relations. «The chief of security headquarters for the Olympic Games was calling. He said that a plane flying from Ukraine to Istanbul was seized; that captors demand a landing in Sochi. The answer was expected. To shoot it down», Putin said. The Russian president was talking about a Turkish Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 flying from Khark

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