Russia: '5-star’ Kresty prison takes over from notorious predecessor

Russia’s 4,000-capacity, ‘luxurious’ Kresty-2 prison started receiving inmates from its infamous predecessor, Kresty, as shown in footage shot at the end of December in the suburb of Kolpino near Saint Petersburg. The notorious Kresty prison housed political prisoners, including Bolshevik Revolutionary Leon Trotsky, during the imperial and Soviet periods. “The old building is of course... Еще legendary, in the new Kresty everything is new and new is always better,” said Kresty-2 Operational Department Head, Nikita Ilyin. Its $155m (€130m) successor is the largest detention centre in Europe and boasts facilities including saunas, a concert hall, museum, hospital and will reportedly get its own train station. Kresty-2 even has travellators along some of its longest corridors. “Everything is how it should be and today we’re supposed to go to the sauna so everything’s good,» said inmate Ian. The project was announced nine years ago by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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