Russia: 33,000-year-old baby woolly rhino unveiled in Moscow

Muscovites will have the opportunity to see a 33,000-year-old baby woolly rhino at the “Warm permafrost” paleontological exhibition in Moscow from Thursday. The rhino was found in Yakutia in 2014 and delivered to the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha a year later. It was called Sasha after Alexander Banderov, the local resident who had found it. This paleontological piece is being... Еще presented for the first time as a showpiece. Valery Plotnikov, honorary assistant at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha, said that the finding’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it’s the first time that a baby fossilised rhino has been found in such good condition. Alexander Banderov said that Sasha “was eaten by cave lions, judging by the lions’ bites.”

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