Russia: 3 killed in counter-terror operation in Stavropol

Reporter: «Why are you standing here in the middle of the night?» Woman: «Because [they] came to our home, knocked at our windows, at our doors, asking us to go out. There are criminals, they say.» Footage captured on Saturday shows the aftermath of a counter-terror operation carried out by the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia in Stavropol. The FSS received information about a group... Еще of terrorists hiding in a house in Stavropol and planning numerous attacks in public places. At 00.30 Moscow time, Saturday, the counter-terror operation started. According to Stavropol residents living nearby, at night some people wearing masks knocked at their doors and windows and asked them to leave their homes for security reasons. After affording the extremists the option to surrender, the special forces stormed the residence. Three terrorist gang members were killed.

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