Russia: 227m, 6,000 tonne bridge moved in complex operation

A 72-hour operation began on Sunday to move a 227-metre (745 feet) long railway arch to its location on the Kerch Strait where it will form part of the Crimean Bridge. Weighing in at over 6,000 tonnes and 45 metres (147 foot) tall, it will take over three days to transport from the Kerch Peninsula and install the structure. The multi-billion dollar Crimean Bridge, when finished, will be some... Еще 12 miles long (19km), connecting Crimea to Krasnodar in mainland Russia. It is expected to open for service to passenger vehicles and railways in 2019, and will be amongst the longest bridges in the world. Leonid Ryzhenkin, Deputy General Director for Stroygazmontazh's Infrastructure Projects said the operation was complex. «The maritime operation of rafting and lifting an arch span structure to the supports of the Crimean Bridge has started. This is the most complex technological operation that is performed on the site,» he said.
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